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Friday, May 30, 2014

Rex the Tyrannosaurus by Jeannette Rowe

Release Date - May 2014

Jeannette Rowe
Allen & Unwin

Book Review by Bob Walch

Although he can be a pretty scary dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex isn’t that fierce in this book designed for young readers. The child will discover that Rex is strong and fast and has very sharp teeth. He is also bigger than a double-decker bus.

Rex never brushes his teeth (which are the size of bananas) so his breath is pretty bad. He also weighs as much as three elephants. Unfortunately, Rex doesn’t have a lot of friends because he tends to eat them soon after they meet. For these and a few other reasons, you probably won’t want to invite Rex to your next birthday party.

You’ll discover a dinosauritis maze game, some dinosaur jokes a nd a page of fun facts at the end of this fun paperback about Rex the Tyrannosaurus.Also, although Rex usually misbehaves when he’s out in public, he won’t scare your little one when he or she reads this book.

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