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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kwirky: A Kid Detective With a Different Perspective by Russell Kane

Release Date - October 31, 2013


Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Daniel Kwirk, a fifth grader at Duckworth Elementary and Middle School, is often teased for being different. Daniel has ADHD and that makes him a little more fidgety and also makes it harder for him to pay attention in class. It isn't long before Daniel does something else that catches people's attention. Daniel discovers that the rare Civil War coins on display at the local library are not the real thing, they're fake. When it looks like police won't solve the crime, Daniel, with the help of his sister, starts doing a little detective work of his own.

Kwirky: A Kid Detective With a Different Perspective sends a strong message that being different is not a bad thing. I think that's the bigger takeaway from this book. While Daniel does do some detective work of his own, I'm not as convinced that police wouldn't have figured it out eventually.

Overall, this was an enjoyable short mystery. From an adult perspective, it's not a perplexing mystery, but I found it to be on par with mysteries like the Boxcar Children or Encyclopedia Dan.

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