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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Peanut: A Nutty Tale About Sharing by Simon Rickerty

Release Date - October 2013

Simon Rickerty
Simon & Schuster

Book Review by Bob Walch

Simon Rickerty’s minimalist approach works beautifully in this cautionary tale about learning to share. The central characters are two red and blue spider-like blobs and a peanut.

When they spy the peanut (on the opposite page in the corner), the two blobs cry out in unison, ‘It’s mine!’ Actually they aren’t sure what the peanut is, but no matter. They both want it!

Is it a chair, hat, telephone, rattle, drum, boat, or skateboard? The blobs can’t decide but the ‘It’s mine!’ struggle continues. Then suddenly a much, much larger black blob appears and seizes the peanut. In the ensuing struggle, the peanut bounces away and something really funny happens.

I won’t spoil the ending of this clever picture book by telling you what happens, but let’s just say the red and blue blobs work out their difference of opinion and learn to share.

Children three years of age and older will love these bright, bouncy illustrations, although it might take a slightly older youngster to fully understand the book’s underlying message about sharing.

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