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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Me Since You by Laura Wiess

Release Date - February 18, 2014

Laura Wiess
MTV Books

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

 At 16, Rowan Areno feels a little too sheltered by her parents. Her father is a police officer and lets Rowan get away with nothing. When her father's fellow officer catches her skipping school, she expects the worst, but she never expects her entire life to change so drastically from one simple mistake. As the world around her crashes down, Rowan learns more about life than she should have to.

If you're rating Me Since You based on the number of Kleenex it took to get through it, the answer is five. Rowan is a personable young woman, and the situations she faces are not easy. I can see rebelling and not thinking your actions through. I think anyone who has been a teenager has rebelled at some point. I sympathized with her, but as the real story took off, from the moment the stranger enters the scene, I couldn't stop reading.

Laura Wiess's story isn't an easy read. It's incredibly emotional, definitely keeps you on your toes, and certain evokes plenty of "what ifs" as you read each chapter as they lead to the story's end. There is a discussion guide at the end that would be perfect for book clubs and classroom discussions. I think this is an excellent book to bring into a classroom and see how different teens react. It's an interesting look at how social media can change a girl's life and also how the actions of a stranger can impact an entire town.

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