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Friday, January 3, 2014

The ABC's of Yoga for Kids by Teresa Power

Release Date - December 2013 (Reissue)

Teresa Power
Kathleen Rietz
Stafford House Books

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

The ABC's of Yoga is a reissue, and one that I feel parents of school aged children should own. There's no question that kids today are feeling incredible stress. I'd never even heard of an anxiety attack until I was in my 20s and experienced them, so it was disheartening to see both of my children start having them when high school hit. Basic yoga principles are one of the most helpful tools I could share with them. Yoga is often what we turn to to manage stress before it has a chance to take over.

Each letter of the alphabet is represented by some easy yoga poses children can follow. The details share the pose's positioning in a colorful illustration and an easy-to-follow poem. For example:


I am a cow on all fours
Staring out the barnyard doors.
I arch my back, inhale, and say, "Moo."
Yoga is an activity I love to do.
Exhaling now I round my spine.
This helps me keep my body aligned.

With more than 50 poses included, this is a book I really wish had been around when my kids were younger. It's a book I plan to purchase for my friends' younger children and one I am thrilled is out there.

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