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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Who Goes There by Karma Wilson

Release Date - October 2013

Karma Wilson

Book Review by Bob Walch

Lewis Mouse is all set for winter. He has filled his small hole with good food and is ready to enjoy his warm, cozy home as snow blankets the countryside. Even though he is quite happy he feels there’s something missing. Well, no matter, let the winds howl and the snow blow; Lewis is all set to ride out the long winter nights.

Then Lewis hears, ‘Scritch, scratch, tap, tap, tap.’ My goodness, what could that be?
Who goes there? Who could it be?’ Lewis wonders. ‘Who scritches and scratches and taps at my tree?’

Could it be an owl, a big cat or even a bear? Lewis investigates and discovers none of these fierce creatures is making the noise. Who could it be?

You’ll have to read this picture book to see what sort of critter is making the mysterious noise. Let it suffice to say, though, that when Lewis does discover where the noise is coming from, he’ll be quite delighted with his discovery and he’ll discover what that “missing something” is!

Children four years of age and older will find this a delightful story and one they’ll enjoy reading over and over again. The illustrations by Anna Currey enhance the narrative and capture the full range of the little mouse’s emotions as this lovely story unfolds.

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