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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown

Release Date - September 2013

Peter Brown
Little Brown

Book Review by Bob Walch

Mr. Tiger was very prim and proper. He wore an expensive suit, and top hat and was quite well mannered Unfortunately, Mr. Tiger was bored. “He wanted to loosen up. He wanted to have fun. He wanted to be …wild.”

Well, you might say, what has gotten into Mr. Tiger? Good question! But Mr. Tiger continued to want to break loose. Then one day the process began. First, Mr. Tiger began walking on all four legs instead of upright on just two legs. Then he let out a big ‘ROAR!’

Now that certainly got some attention. Mr. Tiger’s friends didn’t know what to think. And when he took off all his clothing and went for a swim in the town’s fountain, everyone was aghast. Everyone, that is, but Mr, Tiger; he was delighted!

If you must act wild, kindly do so in the WILDERNESS!” , Mr. Tiger’s friends said. And so off he went where he could go totally and completely WILD.

But soon Tiger became lonely. He missed his friends, so he returned to his city home. When he got back home there were some interesting changes awaiting Mr. Tiger. You’ll see what these were when you read this picture book that celebrates that little bit of wildness that resides within all of us.

If you feel the need to “cut loose” and get a little wild occasionally, this is a story that will touch your very core. So sit back and enjoy Mr. Tiger’s attempt to reconnect with his wild side.

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