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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Waiting to Catch Fire - Promotion

In anticipation of the next Hunger Games movie, Scholastic Press offered reviewers three books with an apocalyptic theme. The first, Inhuman by Kat Falls (September 2013), is a gripping story of Lane McAvoy. Society's crumbled and heading east of the Mississippi is against the law. Lane is stunned when she is quarantined for possibly having the feral virus that makes it illegal to go over the Mississippi. She soon learns her father has been crossing the river illegally, and it's up to her to find him.

The remaining two novels were not provided in whole, reviewers simply received a sample of these novels. The first, Jeff Hirsch's The Darkest Path, features a civil war between the government and the Glorious Path. Callum Roe has been part of the Glorious Path for nine years after he and his younger brother were taken hostage and forced to enlist. Callum ends up on the run when he decides to save a dog that is about to be turned into a killing machine.

The Bar Code Prophecy takes place a dozen years from now, it's also the third book in the series. Grace Morrow learns she was adopted, and returns home to find her adoptive family have disappeared. She turns to an anti-tattoo organization to help her find them.

As a big fan of the Hunger Games novels, I have to admit, I found Inhuman and The Darkest Path to be equally enjoyable. The Bar Code Prophecy is a little harder to rate, because I'd never read the previous two novels. I do think that missing out on the previous two novels took away from my enjoyment.

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