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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Big Storm - A Very Soggy Counting Book by Nancy Tafuri

Release Date - August 2013

Nancy Tafuri
Little Simon

This classic board book offers an account of how the animals of hill hollow react to the arrival of a big storm. As the sky begins to turn gray and dark clouds gather overhead, a single bird takes cover in the hill hollow.

Next, the wind kicks up and that sends a little mouse scurrying for the hollow too. Now there are leaves swirling everywhere and a squirrel runs to take cover.

Oh dear, is that lightning? Rabbit doesn’t like the light show and thunder so he joins his friends. As the rain begins, a chipmunk, skunk, woodchuck, raccoon, red fox, and opossum all squeeze in the hollow. Now there are ten critters taking shelter and huddled together.

Is that a strange sound they hear coming from the back of the cave? Goodness, there are two bears asleep! Wow, it looks like everyone has decided to quickly exit hill hollow!

This adorable counting book not only allows a youngster to practice counting up to ten and identify some common animals but it also offers a clever story. You’ll find that The Big Storm will quickly become a favorite at story time in your household and be a book your youngster will return to again and again.

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