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Friday, September 13, 2013

Children's Picture Book Review: Stick! by Andy Pritchett

Release Date - August 2013

Candlewick Press

Book Review by Bob Walch

What fun! Puppy has a stick. Unfortunately, as Puppy discovers, playing with a stick isn’t much fun if someone won’t throw it so you can fetch it back. Puppy approaches a number of animals to see if they want to play.

Cow is more interested in grass, Chicken wants to look for worms and Pig only wants to wallow in the mud. What a bunch of spoilsports! Puppy is NOT HAPPY.

CLUNK! What’s this? Who threw that stick? Why, it seems to be another puppy who wants to play. Wow! Now that stick is flying all over the place as the two puppies play “throw-n-fetch”. Is this fun or what?

Guess what? Now Cow, Chicken and Pig want to play too. Will the puppies let them join in? You’ll have to read this picture book for youngsters three and older to find out!

Bright colors provide the background for the cast of adorable animals featured in this six word story of friendship and play. Don’t be surprised if your toddler quickly masters this simple text and reads you the story!

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