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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Little Acorn Grows Up - Edward Gibbs

Release Date - April 2013

Edward Gibbs
Little Brown Kids

Book Review by Bob Walch

This board book opens with a little yellow acorn falling to the ground. As it lays there, various animals approach the acorn and ask the same question. “Little acorn, little acorn, what will you be?”

The acorn responds by saying that someday it will grow into a big tree and provide in some manner for the creature. For the white mouse that asks, the tree will one day offer shelter, while for the rabbit it will be shade to keep the rabbit cool on a warm day.

Six critters ask the question and after the little acorn sprouts and grows into a healthy big tree we see how it, in fact, keeps the promise and becomes everything it had said it would be.

Not only does this story show that great things come from small packages but,also it emphasizes the interdependence of animals and plants. Because of the repetition and simple text, Little Acorn Grows Up would also make a good beginning reader.

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