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Sunday, June 30, 2013

BOOM!: Big, Big Thunder & One Small Dog - Mary Lyn Ray and Steven Salerno

Release Date - June 2013

Steven Salerno

Book Review by Bob Walch

Rosie is a very brave little white dog. She isn’t afraid of tigers, orange cats, fire trucks, the vacuum cleaner or even taking a bath. But, thunder is an entirely different matter. Rosie does not like thunder.

When she heard a “Boom!” or “Crack!”, poor Rosie tried to hide. No matter where she went, under a table or behind the sofa, it didn’t matter. The little dog was still frightened and could hear the racket.

But when her boy picked up Rosie and snuggled with her on his bed, Rosie felt a little better. And when the storm blew over, the brave little dog was once again ready to face the work with a happy bark. She wasn’t afraid of anything! Well, almost anything!

This is a fun picture book to share with a child who is a little afraid of stormy weather. The youngster will be able to easily relate to Rosie’s plight. Parents can also use this story to perhaps discuss the situation and why thunder and lightning storms are dangerous but not something one has to be overly fearful of.

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