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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Twerp - Mark Goldblatt

Release Date - May 28, 2013

Mark Goldblatt
Random House Children's

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

I think many adults and a number of kids will sympathize with the main character in Twerp. Julian Twerski is back from a week-long suspension and offered the chance to skip reading Shakespeare in exchange for a journal detailing what he did to lead to his suspension. As he hates Shakespeare, Julian is happy to take the deal.

As Julian begins writing, he shares details about his life and mistakes he's made, but he's not really ready to discuss the act that led to his suspension, even if that is what his teacher is waiting for.

Though Julian makes many mistakes along the way, I found him to be an extremely honest, and refreshing character. I think we've all been there. As a novel, many experiences in Twerp will make you remember things you've done, no matter how old you are.We've all chosen activities that weren't so smart in order to make a friend happy.

I remember pushing a girl down during the spring melt. Not that I intended for her to fall, but she was stood on slushy snow in Converse (back then they were the shoes the poor kids wore) and slipped and went right down into a puddle of melted snow. I still feel bad for pushing her away, she really just wanted friends, but like Julian, I had my crowd of friends saying what I should do and made the wrong decision.

I liked Twerp. It's an honest book with real characters and situations that get you thinking. It would be great if just one child changed his or her actions after reading about Julian's experiences.

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