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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Too Noisy! - Malachy Doyle

Release Date - September 2012

Malachy Doyle
Ed Vere
Candlewick Press

Poor Sam. The little fella lives in a big, noisy family and there’s so much racket that Sam isn’t able to think or enjoy any quiet time. One day Sam has had enough. He decides to escape from all the noise, so off he goes into the woods.

What a wonderful place! It is quiet and Sam can do some serious thinking. Then he wanders, deeper and deeper into the forest as the sun goes down. Oh, dear! It is dark and suddenly Sam feels something crawling up his pant leg. Oops, there’s something else flapping around his face. Hmmm, Sam is suddenly afraid.

When something slippy-slidy slithered down his neck Sam had had enough. “He opened up his lips, and then he opened up his mouth, and then he opened up his throat and bellowed, ‘HELP! HELP! HELP!’”

In the distance Sam heard a comforting cacophony of noise. What was that? Why it was the entire family coming to find Sam! Well, you can imagine Sam’s joy at seeing (and hearing) everyone. From this day on Sam realized that there is no place like home (no matter how noisy it is!).

You’ll have fun reading aloud this picture book with your child and don’t forget all the sound effects. “Crash! Jangle! Tweetle! Toot!”, all these sounds are quite a hoot!

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