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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hating Heidi Foster - Jeffrey Blount

Washington, D.C. (November 2012) – Hating Heidi Foster by award-winning scriptwriter, director and novelist Jeffrey Blount is a fictional, young-adult novel that explores the depth and impact of the connections between family and friends.  Influenced by Jeffrey’s daughter Julia, Hating Heidi Foster is written to inspire readers to consider the value of their personal relationships.

The novel introduces best friends Mae McBride and Heidi Foster; two best friends who shared a close relationship since early elementary school. Their relationship seemed unbreakable until Mae’s father died
while saving Heidi’s life.  Blame sets in between the friends and Mae’s sincere feelings suggest that her father put Heidi before her, as she begins to unravel amid that blame and her uncontrollable and atypical anger.

Concurrently, Heidi is beset by guilt, falls into depression and stops eating properly; wasting away physically and emotionally as she determinedly waits for Mae to let her back into their treasured friendship.

A conversation between Blount’s daughter, Julia and her best friend, Emily piqued his interest to pen the novel.  Watching the girls laugh, joke and share funny stories as high school seniors triggered memories of them growing up together.  He realized that they would experience a slow separation as they entered adulthood.
Hating Heidi Foster was given as a graduation gift from Blount to his daughter and best friend.  It follows the emotional journey of two young women and is written to encourage readers to reflect on their relationships and recognize the importance of each bond.  

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