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Friday, March 15, 2013

Beach Doodles: Create, Imagine, Draw Your Way Through a Day on the Beach

Released on April 2013

Duo Press

Book Review by Bob Walch

Looking for an activity book to keep a child busy while traveling or occupied on a rainy afternoon? “Beach Doodles” will fit the bill perfectly. Featuring more than 100 partially completed drawings, the reader is invited to use his or her imagination to finish the picture.

Since this book has a “beach” theme, all the drawings (which are referred to as “doodles”) are related to seaside activities. The doodles range from sea birds’ heads that need bodies drawn in, a big empty jar that needs to be filled with a variety of seashells, and a deserted beach that needs people on it.

Some of the other artistic challenges include drawing a starfish with your eyes closed, doodling in some sea creatures swimming along the bottom of the ocean, showing some surfers riding a big wave and creating a pirate ship.

If you have colored pencils or crayons handy, you can also color in the doodles that already exist in the book or the ones that you create. You’ll also find apps at the bottom of some pages that will allow you to access additional doodles online.

Although this book is intended for a younger audience, it will also appeal to anyone who enjoys drawing and doodling. Its compact size also makes the volume easy to slip into a large purse, backpack or briefcase if you are traveling. Just don’t forget to include a couple of pencils!

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