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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hyde and Shriek - David Lubar

Released January 2013

David Lubar
A Starscape Book/Tor Forge

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Mild mannered Miss Clevis loves her job as a teacher at Washington Irving Elementary. Things quickly change when she accidentally drinks the chemical mixture she's been preparing for her students. Soon, she finds that she's become her very own version of Ms. Hyde., a cruel substitute teacher who enjoys torturing her students in imaginative ways.

Hyde and Shriek is, as is typical for David Lubar's stories, wildly entertaining. The first sentence, "I love kids. They make great hood ornaments." emitted a chuckle. From that point on, the story progresses into Miss Clevis' battle between her good self and her evil side.

The vocabulary isn't too challenging, so any advancing reader will have an easy time reading this chapter book. It's just over 130 pages, so it's ideal for children who need longer books but don't want hundreds of pages. There are pictures tossed in now and then to help create strong visual images.

I've yet to find a book by David Lubar that I haven't loved. I know my children would have enjoyed them at that age.

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