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Monday, January 21, 2013

Zorro Gets an Outfit - Carter Goodrich

Released May 2012

Carter Goodrich
Simon & Schuster

Book Review by Bob Walch

When Zorro, the small dog featured in this picture book, wakes up, it appears to be a day like any other. He and his buddy, another dog named Mister Bud, woof down their breakfasts and then get ready for their walk.
Unfortunately, that’s when a cruel surprise awaits Zorro. His mistress has purchased a cute little outfit for the dog and now Zorro will be the laughingstock of the neighborhood.

All decked out in his blue hood and cape, Zorro looks like Batman, but he is ridiculed by all the other pets he encounters. How embarrassing! Poor Zorro!

At the park Zorro just sits and mopes and refuses to play with Mister Bud. But that all quickly changes when another pup arrives wearing an outfit. This dog is really cool. He is fast, does amazing tricks and is totally unabashed when it comes to wearing silly clothing.

Zorro’s attitude suddenly changes and now the little dog takes pride in his new ensemble. In fact, he becomes rather cocky because he looks pretty cool in his cape and Mister Bid doesn’t have a walking costume. 

This cute story will delight any youngster who has been forced to wear something he or she isn’t too thrilled about. Zorro rides a self-esteem roller coaster until he realizes that he isn’t the only dog that has to get dressed up to go out.

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