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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Rocket Writes a Story - Tad Hills

Released July 2012

Tad Hills
Schwartz & Wade/Random House

The sequel to “How Rocket Learned to Read”, this picture book follows the loveable, big, white puppy as he writes his first story.  Rocket’s friend and teacher, little yellow bird, encourages the puppy to begin collecting words and writing them down on pieces of paper.

Once he has amassed a sizeable collection of words, Rocket decides it is time to put them together in a story. That’s the hard part! “I don’t know what to write,” he tells his friend the bird. “You want to write about something you’ve seen,” replies the bird. “Or you could write about something that inspires you!”

Now the dog is off seeking inspiration for his story. Where he finds an idea to write about and how Rocket puts his story together is covered in the rest of this picture book.

Not only is this a cute story but it is also one that could provide an “into activity” that would take a child through the steps of writing his or her own simple narrative.  A creative parent or teacher could use Rocket’s experience to create a valuable and fun learning activity. As you’ll discover, a story doesn’t have to use a lot of words or be very long!

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