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Monday, October 8, 2012

The Archived- Victoria Schwab

Released January 22, 2013

Victoria Schwab

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Every now and then, I'll come across a book that grabs my attention. I know from the first word that this book will develop a following and has great Hollywood potential. Victoria Schwab's The Archived is one of those books.If Hollywood doesn't notice this book, I'll be surprised.

Mackenzie Bishop's grandfather was her role model and mentor. She never expected, just a few years after losing him, that her little brother would be killed in a hit and run. Since then, her mother's come up with ways to reinvent her life, and her latest idea has Mackenzie, her father, and her mother moving away to a former hotel, now apartment complex, where they plan to open a coffee shop on the ground floor while living upstairs. Leaving behind her best friend, Mackenzie is forced to start anew while still grieving the loss of her brother.

What no one knows is that Mackenzie is not your average 15 year old. Her grandfather was a "keeper," and he trained her to also be a keeper. After death, your "history" is stored in the Archives, a place where every person's history should end up, much like a library. Some "histories," however, slip away into the "Narrows." Those in the "Outer" realm (real world) don't know any of this, but a rare few have special powers that make it easy for them to track histories, and Mackenzie is one of them. Her role as a keeper is to track down the histories in the Narrows and return them to the Archives.

Someone is changing histories, and that's never okay. Mackenzie hopes she is strong enough to find out what is happening before the Archives, and her only link to her brother and grandfather, is gone for good.

Netgally reviewers received a sneak peek of the first 108 pages, so my review is based only on that. The aspect of the histories being changed hadn't appeared in that section of the book, which really makes me eager to get my hands on the final copy because based on what I read alone I was mesmerized.

Victoria Schwab's writing is powerful and packed with emotion. I sympathized with Mackenzie's grief and rooted for her with each chase in the Narrows. She writes in a way that is very engaging and personal.

Part horror story, part parnormal, and part teen drama, this book is going to have huge appeal. Boys will love when Mackenzie starts kicking behind to capture the more unruly histories, and girls will love watching her come to terms with the changes in her life, even meeting a boy in her building who holds secrets of his own.

All in all, The Archived is a book that I highly recommend for fans of paranormal and adventure.

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