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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Life Cycles: Polar Lands - Sean Callery

Released October 30, 2012

Sean Callery

Book Review by Bob Walch

Part of the “Discover Earth’s Ecosystems” series, this picture book looks at both the Arctic and Antarctic. The book looks at the life cycles of eleven animals and how they live, reproduce and how they are link with one another and other creatures/plants in the food chain.

The well illustrated double page spreads focus on the hermit crab, Arctic tern, Arctic fox, polar bear, krill, Antarctic silverfish, penguin, skua, herring, seal and the Arctic wolf.

The back of the book also features a helpful glossary and “An Arctic food web” which shows how the food chain works. Each section contains a “Did you know?” box where you’ll find some really interesting facts. For example, you’ll discover that the silver scales of herring reflect light, thus making it difficult for predators to pick out any single fish in a school.

This is a nice way of introducing your readers to nature and some of the creatures that exist in various areas of the planet. Although there is not a lot of information here, there is enough to whet the youngster’s curiosity and hopefully make him or her want to go to a more detailed text for more detailed material. 

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