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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Interview with Populazzi's Elise Allen

I'd like to thank Elise Allen for taking the time to answer a few questions about her new release and her books with Hilary Duff. It's been amazing to get to know the author, and I hope Roundtable's readers find it just as enjoyable.

I do apologize for the white boxes after the links. For whatever reason, Amazon text links always put them in, and I've tried everything possible to get them out of there, but they won't go away...

Years ago, Bon Appetit used to run a Q&A with celebrities that had a question I always loved and like to do a take on. If you could pick the mind of any three authors, living or deceased, who would you choose?
  1. ANNE LAMOTT: I love all her work, but I’m especially drawn to her non-fiction work. In it, whether directly or indirectly, she always delves into her relationship with her faith. She’s very devout, but never dogmatic. She questions everything, and struggles through life’s deepest questions with a healthy dose of neurosis. As both a big questioner and a big neurotic myself, I’d love to sit down with her over particularly delicious baked goods and fill hours with philosophical conversation.

  2. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE: Yes, I’m a fan, so talking to him about writing (over tankards of ale for sure) would be a blast, but I’d also love to get the first-hand scoop on his day-to-day life. And I’d definitely watch Shakespeare in Love with him. My guess is he’d be highly amused… and flattered because Joseph Fiennes plays one very hot bard.

    3. JIM HENSON: Nope, he’s not primarily known as an author, but he did write some books (check it out on Amazon - Books by Jim Henson).And since I worship at the altar of Jim Henson, any way to hang with him is a good one for me. Pretty sure there’s no topic about which I couldn’t learn for him. He set the standard on taking risks, following your dreams, running with your most wild ideas, never standing in your own way, the beauty of collaboration… a conversation with him would be a master class in both writing and in life.
Most authors tap into personal experiences for their books. High school wasn't easy on anyone as I think many have learned once they reach adulthood. Were you more the Cara or more the "Populazzi" type? How did your experiences shape the book?

Oh, I was so much more Cara than Populazzi! The Populazzi wanted nothing to do with me; I wasn’t even on their radar.

My high school experience was nowhere near as eventful as Cara’s, but what I very much relate to is that sense of wanting to be seen and known. So often back then—especially around “Populazzi” types—I felt like I was bottled up inside myself, so afraid of making a wrong move that I made no move at all and became invisible.

The other element of my reality that made it into the book is my dog, Riley. He likes when I remind people that Trista’s dog Riley is exactly him in every way. He thinks he’s a star now, and demands fresh chicken breast every night. I’m on board.

You had the dream opportunity to work with Hilary Duff on the book Elixir, what was that like?

It was spectacular! It still is spectacular—we’re finishing up the third book in the series right now. It’s called True and it comes out in Spring 2013.

I love working with Hilary. She’s incredibly creative, and I loved her concept for the Elixir series from minute one. Her ear for dialogue is impeccable, her story sense is finely tuned… plus she happens to be one of the kindest and most gracious people I’ve ever met. The whole process with her has just been a joy.

You've also written the scripts for a number of movies and television shows? Do you prefer novels over screenplays or enjoy the mix if writing styles?

I love mixing it up! Dialogue is my favorite thing to write, which makes screenplays particularly fun, but I also love the depth of storytelling you get in a novel. The fact that I get to write both is perfection—I wouldn’t want to give up either.

What are you working on next?

I mentioned True, which will finish up the Elixir trilogy. For anyone with little kids, my new episodes of the PBS show Dinosaur Train are airing now. Beyond those, I’m working on some very cool book and TV projects I love… but it’s too soon to share anything about them. When I can, I promise I’ll post any news fit to print on my website,

Thanks so much for having me on the blog! I appreciate it!

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  1. What fantastic interview questions! Thanks so much for including me on the site!