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Friday, August 3, 2012


Following the success of “All That/Always Upbeat” - the debut title in the new Lockwood Lions series from Saddleback Educational Publishing that the Los Angeles Times called “a lifeline for struggling readers” -  Saddleback has released two more titles in the series “Keep Jumping/No Hating” and “Yell Out/Do You” to keep their fans in the game.  These cool two-for-one Cheer Drama/Baller Swag “flip books” feature one story from two perspectives centered on a cheerleader/football player couple and their teammates and friends. 
Lockwood Lions, from break-out Young Adult author Stephanie Perry Moore and co-authored by her husband, former NFL player Derrick Moore, is the latest addition to Saddleback’s market-leading line of hi-lo (high-interest, low-reading ability) curriculum solutions and quality fiction. The first title in the series “Always Upbeat/All That” was named as a finalist in the Independent Publisher’s Excellence Awards for teen multicultural fiction. The Saddleback Hi-Lo collections features books with mature content, but which are written at low enough levels that delayed or struggling readers can successfully finish the books. The idea being that if a reader has CONTENT they want to read about, at ACCESSIBLE enough levels, they will be motivated to try to read thereby building their skills and confidence.

Certain to score with teens, Lockwood Lions Series:

•   Is an Urban Lit series featuring teens of all colors including black, white and bi-racial

•   Doesn’t shy aware from tough issues including date rape, gangs, gay parenting, cancer and paternity

•   Embraces strong moral values and behaviors such as integrity, chastity, honesty, a strong work ethic, and faith

•   Enables teens to see solutions and answers to some of life’s toughest issues


Keep Jumping (Cheer Drama):
Eager Hallie Ray has finally made the cheerleading squad. If being a cheerleader is measured in heart, then Hallie has it all. But she’s jealous of her BFFs. Then a friend lays down the hard truth: Hallie must learn to love without conditions, if she weren’t so busy in everybody else’s Kool-Aid she would understand that her flavor’s sweet enough. No Hating (Baller Swag): Amir Knight is new to the team; the boy can ball. But Amir’s father rags on him about being unworthy because Amir has dreams that don’t sit right with his academic dad. He’ll never amount to anything if he balls, so his parents forbid him to play. Coach says Amir has talent, swag, and ability. So Amir forges his father’s signature on the permission forms.

Yell Out (Cheer Drama): Sweetheart Ella Blount is always a pushover when it comes to her girls. And she’ll do anything to keep them together, walking a fine line between what is right and feeling guilty for going against her better judgment. But the line has been crossed, and she’s caught in a cheating scandal that jeopardizes her GPA and her status on the squad. Do You (Baller Swag): For hunky player Leo Steele, football is his life. Leo has suffered some hard knocks, the latest being his mother’s abandonment. The talented defensive end starts squatting in the school; with nowhere else to go, it’s his only safe choice. But when the local gang, who have beef with Leo, discovers him alone on the deserted campus, he suffers a brutal beating.

The complete Lockwood Lions series is available on,, Ingram, Baker and Taylor and through most major booksellers.

About the Author

Stephanie Perry Moore has written over sixty inspirational titles set in the southern United States including an adult novel that was an Essence Magazine bestseller. She has also produced devotional and family Bibles for people of color. Moore is a well-known motivational speaker and community activist. Her husband is former NFL football player, Derrick Moore, and co-author of the Baller Swag books.

About Saddleback Educational PublishingSaddleback Educational Publishing, a second-generation family company and certified woman-owned business, kicks off its 30th anniversary with nineteen YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers Awards (2010-2011) for its high interest, low reading-level series, Urban Underground. Saddleback was also recently awarded their first Silver Medal for their Urban Fiction title, Unchained, from the Independent Publishers Book Awards, their latest series Lockwood Lions was also a finalist. With their award-winning urban fiction, adapted low-level classics, graphic novels, audio books and SMART Board Lessons for the Classroom, Saddleback continues to lead the secondary education market with innovative ways to reach reluctant learners.

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