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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Strange Place to Call Home - Marilyn Singer

Released August 22, 2012

Marilyn Singer
Ed Young
Chronicle Kids

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

A Strange Place to Call Home is the latest collection of children's poetry from Marilyn Singer. I have to admit, I'm impressed because there is one animal within this book that I didn't know existed. Even as an adult, the author taught me something new.

Fourteen animals take the stage as they're discussed in prose. Learn about the animal and most importantly its unusual habitat. You have Humboldt Penguins who live where it's so hot they must bury their eggs deep into the sand to keep the eggs from baking. There are the Blind Cave Fish who live where they never see the light of day. Then, there are the petroleum flies, insects I didn't know existed, who need oil to survive.

The illustrations are a lot of fun too. This isn't your standard hand-drawn images, instead Ed Young uses scraps of paper to create collages that capture the animal and its habitat.

The end of the book contains factual information about each animal, as well as a look at the different forms of poetry. This adds educational value that parents can use for discussions after reading the book to their child.

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