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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Monsters Do Ugly Things - Mark Adam Kaplan

Released on October 25, 2011

Mark Adam Kaplan
Monsters Unbound

Monsters Do Ugly Things is a whimsical children's picture book available for the Kindle, and also at B&N, and iTunes. The story is basic and will appeal to the young reader. It shows a variety of monsters causing havoc in a number of places. However, it also shows children that for every bad monster, there are good ones who do good things.

Mark Adam Kaplan's narrative is perfect for the beginning reader. Sentences are short and do not use words that are too challenging. Plus, there is some repetition, such as "monsters," that children will quickly start to identify the word as they read along. For that reason, I'd peg this as a useful tool for helping a child who is learning to read.

The illustrations by Glenn Scano are bright and colorful. His monsters are often silly, rarely creepy or scary, so don't be worried about them frightening your young reader. If you have a Kindle, this book is certainly worth the very affordable asking price.

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