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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Otto the Book Bear - Katie Cleminson

Released January 2012

Katie Cleminson

Book Review by Bob Walch

Here’s a lovely story about a little bear who lives in books. Otto is happiest when children are reading his story but he also enjoys exploring when no one is around.

You see Otto has a secret. He can walk off the pages of his book. When he does so he reads other books and has all sorts of fun. But then one day, when Otto is out exploring, his book is boxed and sent away. Now what’s the little bear going to do without his book?

Otto decides to set off on a new, big adventure. But the outside world makes him feel very small and unwanted. Poor Otto is feeling pretty down but then he finds a big building called a library.

Suddenly his luck changes and he feels much better. Not only does he discover a lot of books but he makes a whole lot of new friends. Soon Otto feels appreciated and his life gets much, much better.

This clever story about a little bear will delight not only young children but adults. Once you meet Otto you’ll want to provide a warm, safe place for him on a bookshelf  in your home!

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