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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Artemis Fowl Book 1 & 2 - Eoin Colfer

Boxed Set Released 2010

Eoin Colfer

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

With the upcoming release of the new Artemis Fowl book, it's time to take a look back at the books that delight both juvenile, teen, and adult readers.

In this first book, Artemis Fowl, readers are introduced to Artemis Fowl. He's a bit of an anti-hero, sarcastic, and flippant. His mother remains in bed after his father disappears, and Artemis at age 12 keeps his father's business running with help of Butler, his bodyguard/father figure.

Artemis comes up with a plan to kidnap a fairy and hold it for ransom. With the help of a top secret fairy book, his plan may well come to fruition. He and Butler manage to capture a fairy, one Captain Holly Short, but that leads to Commander Root, Holly's superior, heading up a rescue mission.

The second book, The Arctic Incident, finds Artemis hunting for his father. He learns his father may have been kidnapped, so the kidnapper becomes the rescuer, something Holly Short finds amusing. While the fairies and elves figured they'd seen the last of Artemis, someone is selling human weapons to the goblins. They suspect it is Artemis, but when he's proven to be innocent, they ask for his and Butler's help in finding who is behind these misdeeds.

When my son was in middle school, he devoured Artemis Fowl books as fast as they could come out. This first book in the series has always been his favorite. My nephew, Orin, has been reading the books up preparation for July's release and I asked him for his opinion. He had this to say: "Fun, exhilarating, and suspenseful." He went on to say --some of this applies to books that come later in the series -- "Very interesting with demons, magic, mayhem, oh my!"

Realistically, I think what Orin says, says it all. If you're looking for a series packed with action, adventure, and a writing style that truly stands out, Eoin Colfer delivers.

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