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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Frederick Douglass: Young Defender of Human Rights - Elisabeth P. Myers

Released January 2007

Patria Press

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

I hated history as a child and teen. Everything was read from a textbook creating no spark or interest in the bland material. It wasn't until I reached my adult years that I discovered there are some fantastic books involving historical characters that really draw you into the past. Frederick Douglass: Young Defender of Human Rights is one of those books.

Part of the Young Patriots Series, the book doesn't cover Douglass' adult years. Instead, it introduces him as a child and details what shaped him into the man he'd later become. It's written on a level that children will understand and, as much as is possible, empathize with him. It details slavery from a very personal level and teaches something far more valuable than any textbook can teach by using emotion. It's easier to learn when emotions are involved and you become passionate about the subject.

If you or your child wants to learn more about slavery from Douglass' point of view as a child, this is a must-read. There's a glossary of terms in the back to help with words the reader may not know. There is also a timeline of Douglass' life. There are also some illustrations by Cathy Morrison scattered throughout this book.

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