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Friday, April 13, 2012

Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins

Released August 2010

Suzanne Collins

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

There's one good thing about reading the Hunger Games series far after its original release. I was able to read all three books in the span of five days. I didn't have to wait months for the next installment. However, I'm sad it's over.

Mockingjay is the third book in this popular series. Again, there will be spoilers if you haven't read the previous two novels.

Katniss wakes up to learn that she wasn't killed in the arena, a blast opened the secured perimeter allowing rebels to rescue her. They want her to lead the country in a revolt against President Snow. Gale and Katniss's mother and sister are with her, but Peeta was captured by the Capitol and is being held. Watching him on brief video snippets pleading with her to stop the rebellion is almost more than Katniss can bear.

As she battles with her feelings towards Peeta and Gale, Katniss must decide if she has the power left to fight once more to try to defeat Snow. Along the way, she starts to learn truths about herself and the world around her.

I wasn't expecting Mockingjay to leave me feeling so shattered. Katniss, a fictional character, is the one who should be weary, yet I found my emotions bouncing all over the place through Mockingjay. I liked both Peeta and Gale, so knowing Katniss had to choose one never pleased me, though deep down I knew who I felt was best for her. As I continued reading hoping she'd choose who I wanted, I was drawn into her battles emotionally and physically. When all was said and done, and I'm not going to spoil this, but I had tears rolling down my face and immediately went into the "what ifs..."

It's a powerful ending to a powerful series. If you haven't read it and like stories involving the apocalypse, you'll love it.

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