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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Left, Right, Emma! - Stuart Murphy

Released February 2012

Stuart Murphy

Book review by Bob Walch

If your youngster is having trouble distinguishing his or her left and right sides, this picture book by visual learning specialist Stuart Murphy will help solve the problem.

Using a simple text, repetition and a cute cast of characters, Murphy presents a way of helping your child remember which side is right and which side is left.

Emma is asked to be the leader of her class marching band but to do so she’ll have to keep everyone in step, which means she must know her left from her right side. A little unsure of herself, Emma’s teacher comes to the rescue with a piece of red string she ties on Emma’s right wrist.

With the simple aid, Emma can practice her “left, right moves”  and on the day of the performance all goes well because everyone moves together in step.

Besides the story itself, which illustrates how Emma masters left and right, the author also includes a  “Closer Look” page that suggests a few other ways parents can reinforce this important cognitive skill in their preschoolers.  

It won’t be long at all before  your child,  just like Emma, will be very comfortable with the concept of left and right.

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