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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fallen In Love - Lauren Kate

Released January 24, 2012

Lauren Kate
Delacorte Books

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Since entering high school where books are chosen by the teacher, my daughter's lost some interest in reading. This is unusual for me because she devoured all of the Twilight books in one week. The only books she has read since high school began are Lauren Kate's Fallen series. She loves them and was excited over the Fallen in Love anthology. I've never read one up until now.

One thing is apparent, you really should read the current books in the series before delving into Fallen in Love. There's a lot of backstory I missed and as a result, I had to stop and ask my daughter to quickly brief me on the characters and the "Announcers."

Fallen in Love is an anthology of quick romantic tales between specific characters from the series. The book starts with "Love Where You Least Expect It." Shelby and Miles believe they've taken an Announcer home to Shoreline only to find themselves in the midst of the Medieval times. After spotting Luce in a village, they vow to help her reunite with Daniel in time for the town's Valentine's Day Faire. I loved this story simply because it captures the essence of one of my favorite stories of all times - O. Henry's The Gift of the Magi.

"Love Lessons" is Roland's story. It's a continuation of Shelby and Miles' short story in that they've asked him to locate Daniel and bring him to the Faire. This segues into a romance from his past. He's madly in love with Rosaline, despite what the rules of society were back then, and this time he means to prove his love to her. Only things are not what he expects when he does find her.

"Burning Love" focuses on Arriane and continues from something that happens in Roland's stories. My daughter said she was overjoyed to finally learn how Arriane got her scar. It'ss a bittersweet story about true love in the most unforgiving of circumstances.

Finally, "Endless Love" shares Luce and Daniel's Medieval Valentine's tale. Luce is not from nobility and Daniel's a knight, which means they could never be together. Luce's friends, however, are determined to help them reunite and enjoy a magical Valentine's Day together.

Finally, Fallen in Love ends with an epilogue that reunites the friends. There's also a sneak peek into June's Rapture.

I didn't mind Fallen in Love, but I don't think I got as much out of the story as long-time readers of the series. Not understanding what happened in the other books, and the relationships of the characters, really made this just an average read for me.

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