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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Up Cat - Hazel Hutchins & Art by Fanny

Released January 2012

Hazel Hutchins
Annick Press

Book review by Tracy Farnsworth

 Hazel Hutchin's Up Cat catches the trouble and fun one small cat has throughout the day. Whether the cat is getting into trouble by stealing milk from a glass or having fun chasing a ball of yarn, the cat's activities are certain to bring a smile to your face.

Illustrations by Fanny are bright and colorful and do capture the mischievous behavior many cats have. Hazel Hutchins simple narrative, usually two or three word phrases, is perfectly suited to toddlers and beginning readers. Before long, your child will be reading along with you because it's easy to associate the words with the action depicted in the illustrations.

Up Cat is a fun book that really does capture a day in the life of a cat. I have a pair of Maine Coon siblings and they spend many days wresting, chasing their toys around, trying to demolish their cat tree, and once that's done, they do like to curl up within reach of the pellet stove and take long naps. Anyone with cats will know exactly what Up Cat is up to.

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