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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Demolition - Sally Sutton

Released February 2012

Candlewick Press

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Roll out the big equipment; it is demolition time! Crack! Crash! Wham! This old building has to come down. In comes the big yellow crane with the heavy ball. It swings back and forth, “Thump and smash and whack. Bring the top floors tumbling down.”

Next, the machine with the strong jaws just like a dinosaur cuts through some steel reinforcement and “Thud! Creak! Wham!”, down comes some more of the structure.

Now it is time for the machines with huge claws to lift the rubble and dump it into the crusher that will grind the cement up into very small pieces. Another kind of grinder takes the wood and turns it into mulch and wood chips.

Finally it is time for the steel remains to be loaded into big metal dumpsters which will be trucked off to be recycled. Now the bulldozers can come in to level off the site so that a brand new children’s park can be constructed.

Lots of sound effects accompany the illustrations and text as young readers follow the process of building demolition. Preschoolers will love watching these big, noisy machines do their work. Perhaps, after you read the book a few times, a field trip to a near-by demolition site might be in order too!

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