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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Princess and the Pig - Jonathan Emmett

Released September 2011

Bloomsbury Kids

Reviewed by Robert Walch

Jonathan Emmett has a lot of fun with one of the staples of fairy tale literature – a mix up in the royal nursery.  An odd but humorous situation results in the royal baby, Priscilla, being switched with a farmer’s piglet named Pigmella.

Although both sets of parents realize something odd has taken place, they accept the situation as the act of a good or a bad fairy. The piglet is raised in the castle and is accepted as the royal daughter while Priscilla grows up in the farmer’s household and is delighted with her surroundings.

Eventually, the farmer realizes what has occurred and tries to convince the king and queen that there was indeed a “switch” made. Here’s where the story becomes really amusing. “Ridiculous!” said the king “The girl may be smart and beautiful, but she does not look or speak like a real princess.”

Perhaps, but does that mean that Pigmella does? I think not!

The story’s conclusion is not what one would expect, but that’s okay because the intent of this silly yarn is to “pork” fun at this type of fairy tale! Not only will young readers enjoy The Princess and the Pig and probably want to share it with their friends, but the book will give mom and dad a few chuckles too.

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