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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Poindexter Makes a Friend - Mike Twohy

Released May 2011

Simon & Schuster

Reviewed by Bob Walch

This tale of a very shy little pig who stays away from people and loves reading aloud to his stuffed animals will appeal to youngsters four years of age and older who don’t easily  make friends.

Poindexter loves to go to the library where he reads and sometimes helps the librarian return books to the shelves. One day another shy youngster, a turtle named Shelby, comes in asking for a book on how to make friends. Mrs. Polen asks Poindexter if he would like to help Shelby find the book he is looking for.

This simple request turns out to be the perfect way of bringing both shy youngsters out of their shells. By the end of the story both Poindexter and Shelby leave the library holding a book between them that they will share together with Poindexter’s favorite stuffed animals.

This is a nicely thought out picture book that will resonate with young readers who perhaps find making friends a little difficult.  As you’ll see as you follow Poindexter’s adventures, being able to share something or assist someone in doing something is a good way to break down barriers and make the person feel more at ease.

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