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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mooshka, A Quilt Story - Julie Paschkis

Released March 2012

Julie Paschkis
Peachtree Publishers

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

I highly recommend pre-ordering Jule Paschkis's Mooska, A Quilt Story because it's really unlike most children's books you find today. There's no rhyming scheme and no silly pictures, what it does capture is family history and really the importance of family. That's what made the book really stand out and drew me into the story.

Young Karla loves her quilt. Mooshka's been telling stories about the history of each piece of fabric that was lovingly sewn to create Karla's quilt. Yet, when her baby sister is born, Mooshka becomes silent. Karla's devastated and can't imagine why Mooska stopped talking. Not only does Karla have to share her bedroom with her new sister, but her favorite quilt seems to have given up on her. What will it take to get Mooshka to talk again?

The illustrations capture the look and feel of the quilt and all of its different colors and textures. I'm sure children will love the colorful pictures and the stories that Mooshka tells. The story is endearing and if my children were still young enough for picture books, I know this would have been a favorite for all of us. Mooska comes out in March 2012 and is a fun story filled with beautiful illustrations.

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