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Monday, November 14, 2011

I Did It! I Promise! - Lauren Fox

Released October 25, 2011

Lauren Fox

Tate Publishing

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

The day in the life of a high school student has changed since my high school days back in the late 1980's. Given that, I'm amazed that Lauren Fox, a high school junior, found time to not only write a children's book but also to find a publisher. It's an impressive feat for someone likely to be overwhelmed with homework, studying, and various other pressures today's teens face. Despite that, the 16 year old managed to write a very cute story involving a boy's quest to find his missing homework.

I Did It! I Promise! is the story of a young boy whose homework disappears. After looking high and low for it, he knows there's no hope. Heading off to tell his teacher, he's uncertain what will happen, but he's understandably nervous.

I love the message in I Did It! I Promise! We've all been there and know the anxiety that goes hand in hand with having to admit to your teacher that you just can't find it, especially when you honestly did complete it and simply can't find it.

The rhyming text is perfect for a beginning reader. There's no vocabulary to trip up youngsters and the short sentences are perfect for them. In my school district, this is the perfect book for preschoolers to first grade or ages four to seven. After that, I know our school urges children to read shorter chapter books, though I admit I don't know about other districts. If you have a child learning to read, this is a short, sweet story that I think many children will enjoy and easily work through with a little help from mom or dad.

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