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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Haul-idays from Chronicle Books

With the holidays approaching faster than many of us would like, it's time for Chronicle Books "Happy Haul-idays" contest. For those who didn't hear of this amazing festivity last year, Chronicle awards one lucky reader and one lucky book review blogger with the chance to win $500 in books. This year, they're adding a third winner - the blogger chooses a favorite charity to receive $500 in free books.

Most children and adults love books, so if you're anything like me, the thought of $500 in free books is enough to make me giddy! However, I learned about 10 years ago that not every child receives encouragement to read. My neighbor's son was 10 years old and had bounced from school to school without learning how to read more than toddler books. His reading and spelling skills were atrocious. By spending a lot of time in our house surrounded by books, he discovered Gary Paulsen's books and developed a passion for reading. The Children's Literacy Foundation strives to help children in Vermont and New Hampshire learn to read and develop a passion for reading. The organization does not receive state or federal funding, so all books come from generous donations from area residents and businesses. I feel they deserve a batch of books in time for Christmas.

It's up the blogger to create a list of books they'd love to be able to buy, something I have no problem doing! Given that, here is this year's list:

Children/Young Adult:

Ready to enter. All you have to do is comment on this post. Feel free to list any books I may have overlooked! There are lots of exciting options at Chronicle Books.

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