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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stars - Mary Lyn Ray

Released October 2011

Mary Lyn Ray
Marla Frazee
Simon & Schuster

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Here’s a beautifully illustrated book about stars or, rather, all the places you can find stars besides in a night sky. You can make a star and either carry it in your pocket as a good luck charm or pretend you are a sheriff and attach it on your shirt.

You could place the star on the tip of a stick and then you have a magic wand. If you have a good friend, perhaps you may want to give it to him or her. Also, people may call you a “star” if you do well in sports or at school.

Looking in the yard, you’ll discover that star shaped flowers can change into pumpkins or strawberries and that when it snows, the flakes can resemble stars.

As you read this book you’ll discover that stars are everywhere. They may even be on your pajamas or on the last paper your teacher returned to you.
So don’t just look for stars at night. If you are observant, you’ll find them in some pretty cool places!

After you have had fun reading this book with your child, launch your own “star search” to see how many stars you can find around the house, in the yard or in the neighborhood.

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