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Monday, October 31, 2011

Mr. Doodle: C is for City - Orli Zuravicky

Released June 2011

Simon and Schuster

Reviewed by Bob Walch

For example, the “D” entry features a big yellow dump truck, but you’ll also see a pile of dirt on the page. On the adjacent page, “E is for Envelope” is illustrated with a nice brown envelope.  But look again, on the envelope you’ll discover two stamps that feature a mother and baby elephant.

Don’t worry, if you missed some of the added objects on any of the pages. The author provides a guide at the back of the book that highlights each one.

Quite honestly, I have to admit I had to cheat and flip to the back page to figure out the additional “u” object on the “U is for Umbrella” and “K is for Kite”  pages. The author was tad too clever on these two.  Not only will a child be baffled by these two, but I’m afraid most parents will be also!

Even though this book is a little more challenging than most board books and demands more from the reader, it is still well worth purchasing because it does force parent and child to be more observant. It forces everyone to open his or her eyes and eyes and keep an open mind too!

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