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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Boy Wonders - Calef Brown

Released June 2011

Calef Brown
Simon and Schuster

Reviewed by Bob Walch

If your child loves to ask you lots of questions, this might be a fun read aloud book.  The boy featured here continually asks “Why? Why? Why?” . Admittedly most of these questions are rather silly (“Are clambakes good for bake sales? Do jealous clouds steal each other’s thunder?”). Yet, they can also be somewhat provocative and spark an interesting conversation.

Although the author has no intention of providing any answers to the many questions his character poses, there are some opportunities for the child and parent to delve into some of them on their own. “Do taffy pullers ever push and make a glob of sticky mush?” Good question and a candy maker might actually be able to provide an answer.

After enjoying a good giggle or two having finished this picture book, I think a better post read exercise might be making up a few silly questions of your own.  “Does a grasshopper like to skip rope?”  “Do little foxes out fox one another when they play hide-and-seek?”  Once a child gets the hang of this, you’d be surprised what he or she will come up with!

So, if you have a question about what to read with your four year old or are wondering if this is a book the youngster would enjoy, just ask one or two of these silly questions and you’ll have your answer!

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