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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Me! Me! Mine! - Alan Katz

Released July 2011

Alan Katz
Pascal Lemaitre
Simon and Schuster

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Anyone with a young child has probably heard the scream “MINE!” when it comes to one toddler sharing with another. Alan Katz takes this all too familiar situation and turns it into a cute board book for preschoolers.

Rocky Dachshund refuses to share with either his brother or his classmates. He hogs all the space in the bedroom he shares with A.J. and won’t let his teammates on the school’s basketball team touch the ball. Since the ball hog takes all the shots, it is no wonder the team doesn’t win any games.

Totally out of control, Rocky is on his way to not having any friends and even his family is getting fed up with his selfishness. Then his mom comes up with a clever idea to make her son realize that “sharing” is much better than hogging everything in sight.

I’m not going to ruin the ending by telling you what she does, but if you have a child like Rocky, you might want to try Mama Dachshund’s approach. It certainly turned Rocky around and now he believes that “it is good to share!"

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