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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Extreme Weather - Michael Mogill and Barbara Levine

Released July 2011

Simon and Schuster

Reviewed by Bob Walch

From tornadoes and hurricanes to blizzards and drought, this fascinating book delves into the various aspects of extreme weather conditions. The authors begin by explaining what “weather” is and the role of the sun, wind and clouds.

Once the basics are out of the way then the focus changes to “Weather Goes Wild”.  Here you’ll find some basic information about a number of extreme conditions and what causes them.

In the “focus” part of the book there are specific discussions of actual events that fall under the headings of either “Wild Winds," “Falling Water” or “Feeling the Heat." The youngster will find two page spreads about a dust storm in the Gobi Desert, a mudslide in Peru, a Canadian ice storm and a killer drought in Ethiopia.

Filled with lots of pictures and diagrams, this book offers an excellent overview but doesn’t go into great detail about extreme weather conditions. It does introduce the concepts the authors wish to highlight in an understandable manner and thus is an excellent starting point for further study.  After this introduction to extreme weather, the youngster can find more detailed books and information about each of the conditions mentioned online or at the library. 

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