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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jack: Secret Vengeance - F. Paul Wilson

Released February 2011

F. Paul Wilson

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Young Jack is back in a third adventure. Adults know Repairman Jack as a grown up, but F. Paul Wilson's teen book series goes back to the 1980s when Jack was a teenager. It's a mysterious series that I really think both teens and their parents will enjoy.

In Secret Vengeance, the high school jock, Carson Tolliver, assaults Jack's friend Weezy. Jack's first instinct is to take his baseball bat and obliterate Carson's knees, but he realizes that makes him no better than Carson. Instead, he comes up with a dastardly plan to make Carson look like a fool in front of their high school peers. Jack's plan goes over incredibly well, leading to additional attempts at revenge, but it soon becomes clear that Carson cannot handle the pressure.

This is the final book in the Young Jack trilogy, though I'm hoping the author will reconsider and keep going. The books are a blend of mystery with a touch of paranormal thrown in. The writing flows smoothly and definitely builds suspense until the final page. I've loved this series and think many boys and girls will read the books again and again.

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