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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

While You Are Sleeping - Durga Bernhard

Released February 2011

Charles Bridge

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Durga Bernhard addresses a problem that parents and teachers sometimes have  explaining to children. When it comes to time – one size doesn’t fit all.  Rather than try to explain why there are different time zones or why the seasons are not the same every place in the world at the same time, the author focuses on making the reader realize that when it is nine in the morning in California it is not nine in the morning in London or Japan.

Following children in different cultures, the young reader is made to realize that when he or she is getting ready for bed, a child in another part of the world is just getting up to start a new day.

As you bounce around the globe from one time zone to another you’ll see various children engaged in everyday activities and then you’ll be asked to flip a flap to see another child in another place.  The flap also includes a clock face so you can see how different the time is.

Maps identify where you are as you turn to a new page and where the next time zone is. As a child in Thailand is climbing a tree and picking fruit at three in the afternoon, it is three in the morning on the island of Haiti halfway around the world and two other youngsters are fast asleep. 

There is also a world map on the back inside cover that shows all the world’s times zones and a small box briefly explaining why there are different time zones.

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