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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Risky Business - Nicole O'Dell

Released April 2011

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Risky Business is a 2 in 1 collection from Nicole O'Dell's Scenario series. Each story finds a teenager facing a difficult decision. Readers choose which path she takes. In essence, these stories capture on the Choose Your Own Adventure aspect.

In Magna, three friends apply for the same job hoping they'll learn money for new clothing while getting to work together. Molly Jacobs is the only one of the group to receive a job offer. Though the rules state clearly that she cannot share her employee discount, Molly's friends and fellow classmates start asking her to bed the rules for them. What happens when her friends ask her to do something that could put her job on the line?

Making Waves shares the story of Kate, a teen whose father died and her best friend just moved away. Kate makes it onto the varsity swim team where she soon struggles with long, tiring practices, school work, and her church duties. Team mates introduce Kate to the wonders of caffeine, but what will she do when they up the stakes to illegal drugs?

In each situation, the teens face tough decisions that test their faith, their common sense, and their loyalty to their friends. The stories in Risky Business share great messages in following your gut instinct, and readers will love getting to see the story play out from both angles.

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