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Monday, May 9, 2011

Pirate vs. Pirate: The Terrific Tale of a Big, Blustery Maritime Match - Mary Quattlebaum

Released March 2011

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Within the pages of this humorous picture book you’ll find two of the most fearsome, loathsome and reckless pirates to ever sail the Seven Seas. Bad Bart is the biggest, burliest boy pirate in the Atlantic. Mean Mo is the maddest, mightiest girl pirate in the Pacific.

When they finally meet it becomes a no-holds-barred contest to see which of them is the best pirate in the world. After engaging in a number of “competitions” which end in a draw the two are down to counting up their treasure trove to see who has the most pieces of illicit goodies.

Once again it is a tie! What will Bad Bart and Mean Mo do to settle this amusing dispute? You’ll be surprised by the clever ending and, obviously, I don’t intent to give it away.
Lots of sea-dog lingo, cute illustrations and a totally ridiculous situation make this a story you and your family will get a chuckle from as you read about the misadventures of this pair of seagoing  misfits!

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