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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Thinking Girl's Treasury of Real Princesses: Isabella of Castille - Shirin Yim Bridges

Released October 2010

Reviewed by Bob Walch

This series of short biographies covers six real life princesses. One of these women, Isabella of Castile lived in 15th century Spain and was an exceptional young woman who at age 13 was named heir to Castile.

Although many young men were presented to her as suitors, Isabelle turned them all away since she wanted to marry Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Aragon. The intelligent young woman realized that their union would help unite the country and one day make Spain a strong European power.

When her brother refused to allow the marriage Isabella took matters into her own hands and arranged for the nuptials herself.  Although at times the union was a rocky one, Isabella and Ferdinand’s reign is still thought of as Spain’s Golden Age. Their marriage and then the recapture of Grenada reunited the country and made Spain a world power.

As you read this illustrated biography, you’ll not only learn about a truly remarkable woman but the time in which she lived. Besides the family’s history you’ll learn about what Isabelle ate, what she wore during her life and what happened to her children.

Once you have read this book, you’ll probably want to read about the other five princesses who lived during different time periods and in other places of the world. They are a fascinating, although little known, group of women.

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