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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Tooth Fairy Loses a Tooth - Steve Metzger

Released February 2011

Reviewed by Bob Walch

What happens when the Tooth Fairy loses a tooth? You’ll get the answer to that intriguing question in this cute picture book that features
75 stickers.

The rhyming text sets up the scenario of the Tooth Fairy’s dilemma when she bites into a bagel and discovers a front tooth has fallen out. At first she makes a list of what she would wish for when she places the tooth under her pillow. But then, alas, the little Tooth Fairy realizes that no one will visit her during the night and leave a surprise behind.

She thinks, “If someone would leave a gift for me, I’d be really glad! But no one will remember me, and that just makes me sad”.

Of course, she need not have worried because when she is out taking care of children who have lost a tooth, someone does leave something in place of her tooth at home. Who that “someone” is you’ll discover when you read this humorous and clever story.

Since this book does pose a potential choking hazard, please do not allow any child who might still be tempted to place the stickers in his or her mouth to use it. A simple solution to this problem would be to remove the two pages of stickers and then give the youngster the book!

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