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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bears on Chairs - Shirley Parenteau

Released August 2009

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Certainly one of the hardest things to teach a young child is that sharing is not only a good idea but something we all must learn to do (although some of us never completely master this trait!).

This board book approaches the problem of sharing in a humorous and positive manner as we find five bears faced with the dilemma that there are only four chairs available for them to place their furry little bottoms on.

Four of the bears are quite small, so each one quickly appropriates a chair to sit upon.  Then Big Brown Bear arrives and now there’s a serious problem. Although the little bears are willing to share “part” of their chair with the new arrival, Big Bear is so bulky he really needs the entire seat.

What to do? The little bears put their heads together to try various ways of solving this dilemma and eventually they come up with the perfect solution. Of course, I won’t spoil the story by telling you what it is, but the message here (besides sharing is a good thing!) is collaboration will help you figure out something where one or two individuals, by themselves, may not see “the light”!

With its cute little bears and rhyming text, this book goes way beyond most board books with its message, but the story is so cleverly done that it doesn’t hammer home the central ideas.

Although your youngster may outgrow his or her other board books, this one has “staying power” and will be a favorite for a long time to come. In fact, this may well be a “keeper” into adulthood with the idea of passing it along to the next generation of little bears!

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  1. I've just discovered your very nice comments and want to thank you for discovering my little bears. Just today, I've learned there will be a third book, Bears in Baths, to follow Bears in Beds (Fall, 2012). I'm having a lot of fun writing about the bears and it's wonderful to read enthusiastic responses to the books. Thanks again!
    Shirley Parenteau